Blood Money: A Mercenary Warfare Adventure

Written by Zen DiPietro
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Double crosses, insults, and clashing personalities–and that’s just within Cabot’s own crew. He, Nagali, and Omar are off on another adventure!

An asset has gone dark, and Cabot’s tasked with finding out why.

He ends up deep inside a dirty operation he wants no part of, among the worst dregs of society. It’s the kind of thing that Cabot wants nothing to do with, but someone has to do something, and he keeps drawing the short straw.

Luck is not on his side these days.

On the bright side, someone new has joined his team. Peregrine’s a hard-as-nails special ops officer, which means Nagali is probably going to get brained at some point if she doesn’t tone down her behavior.

Like that’s going to happen.

He’ll have to get creative to keep this group long enough together to solve the problem at hand. But then, getting creative and working his underhanded mercenary magic is what he does best.

It won’t be easy to solve this problem while keeping Nagali’s brain intact.

He’s going to need all his skills for this one.

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