Bird Photography: 15 Incredible Tips for Beginners

Written by Prathap
Category: · Arts & Photography

Here are few reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy this eBook.

This eBook is for you:
•If you are a beginner who wants to jumpstart your bird photography.
•If you are struggling with right settings for bird photography.
•If you have problem understanding why your photographs doesn’t stand out.
•If you have no idea how to capture those fleeting moments.

This eBook is not for you:
•If you know all the basics of bird photography including light, composition, behavior, action, flight, post-processing, etc.
•If you are an experienced bird photographer

This is not just another eBook loaded with too much information. This eBook is simple, easy to read and loaded with practical tips. Every concept is accompanied with photos and behind the scene stories about how I took the photograph.

Most of the chapters have important tips that give you quick know-how of what to do and what not to do.



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