Ben Franklin: The American Dream (The True Story of Benjamin Franklin) (Historical Biographies of Famous People)

Written by Alexander Kennedy

No American has ever been such a success in so many fields as Benjamin Franklin. He produced the country’s first literary masterpiece with his Autobiography, and the witty epigrams of his Poor Richard’s Almanac continue to pepper our everyday speech. He was one of the American colonies’ great civic leaders, founding libraries, hospitals, and other civic organizations. He was the first to name batteries, and “positive” and “negative” electrical charges, and he invented the lightning rod, the bifocals, and the Franklin stove. He was on the committee that wrote the Declaration of Independence, and he won the greatest diplomatic triumph in American history when he secured French military support for the American Revolution, guaranteeing its success.

In this compact, highly readable biography, Alexander Kennedy examines every facet of this many-sided figure. He separates fact from fiction in such famous incidents as the kite-and-key experiment, and reveals lesser known aspects of the great man’s life, such as his role in the popularization of American chess or the nascent abolition movement. In seeing the countless ways that this great polymath shaped the nation, the reader gradually comes to realize that to understand Benjamin Franklin is to understand America herself…

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”Benjamin Franklin

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  • Franklin’s battles with Parliament before the American Revolution.
  • The reasons for Franklin’s surprising midlife retirement.
  • Franklin’s key role in early American literature.
  • Many quotes and witticisms in Franklin’s own words.

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