Believe in Love (Jett Series Book 4)

Written by Amy Sparling

With her mom sick during the holidays, Keanna is stuck watching her baby brother while juggling finals for her first semester of college. Jett just doesn’t get it. His life is easy at the moment, and even when he tries helping out his girlfriend, it’s not enough. Keanna and Jett may love each other, but their first fight has them regretting everything. When Keanna wishes her problems would just go away—she gets her wish. In the worst way possible. Now she’ll have to figure out what really matters most to her if she plans on having a Christmas worth remembering.

Believe in Love is a holiday short story, #5 in Jett’s Series.

This series:

Book 1 – Believe in Me
Book 2 – Believe in Us
Book 3 – Believe in Forever
Book 4 – Believe in Love (A short story)
Book 5 – Believe in Summer
Book 6 – Believe in Fall
Book 7 – Believe in Winter
Book 8 – Believe in Spring



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