Be the Death of Me (The Guardian Chronicles Book 1)

Written by Rebecca Harris
Category: · Romance

A perfect life tragically ends. An imperfect afterlife begins…

Billie Foster is a seventeen-year-old girl with a bit of an attitude problem. It wasn’t long ago that she had it all ─ booming social life, loving boyfriend, anything and everything a beautiful, popular teenage girl could want. That is until her life is taken by a violent and mysterious school fire, leaving her forever trapped in limbo, alone and jaded in the afterlife.

Billie is put to work, assigned to the organization known only as the Guardians, a group of spirits charged with the task of keeping the living alive. But Billie is no “employee of the month.” Why should she protect the living when no one did the same for her? Fed up with her cynicism and total disregard for authority, her boss, the Captain, gives her an ultimatum: work with a partner or face the consequences of her carelessness.

Tucker Reid is a charming and hardworking member of the Self-Sacrifice organization, and much to Billie’s dismay, exactly what the Captain orders. Right off the bat, Tucker proves he isn’t afraid to keep her in line, refusing to back down from what he knows is right. Little does Billie suspect, however, that Tucker carries with him secrets of his own.

Benedict Ford is a teenager who is still alive, but someone is trying to kill him. He becomes Billie and Tucker’s first assignment, but all three of them soon learn that things are neither as they seem nor as they should be. Something in the afterlife is askew, threatening to destroy them all. Can Billie, Tucker and Benedict work together? Or will their differences be their ultimate downfall?



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