Bad Company

Written by Carol Carson
Category: · Romance

Trixianna Lawless can’t believe the man she’s shot on her front porch is the sheriff. She thought he was an intruder. What was he doing scaring her to death before the sun even rose? She is a proper woman who bakes pies for the restaurant in Grand Fork, Kansas. She isn’t dangerous; she’s simply run to Grand Fork after a misunderstanding with her sister. And she certainly isn’t Mad Maggie West, a notorious bank robber. Can she help it if she slightly resembles the woman on the wanted poster?

Sheriff Chance Magrane can’t believe a woman has shot him. He has no choice but to arrest her for bank robbery. In the meantime he has to ignore the fact that she wears the fanciest underpinnings in town and has twinkling green eyes that remind him he is a man.

When Trixianna lands in Chance’s house instead of jail, she finds herself in the middle of the biggest mess of her life. As the days pass, Trixianna wishes Chance would believe her. Even as Trixianna and Chance fall in love, he is suspicious. In addition to shooting him, she tries to poison him, stabs him and almost burns down his house. It takes a cast of memorable characters to bring this spirited heroine and stubborn hero together.



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