AURA: Book One Of The Senses Novels

Written by K M Aul

“Highly engaging and fascinating story!” – 5 stars, Amazon reviewer

Time is up.

There is nothing you can do and no place that you can hide. Your comfortable existence is about to vanish forever. Darkness is falling and none of us may survive.

Near the end, a handful of heroes will emerge that may or may not be able to save us. The evil that we face is all-consuming and those that stand between it and us are so very few. Each of these heroes has a disability that is tied to their unique talent.

Jacob is blind since birth, yet able to see and manipulate the very life-force that is in and surrounds each living thing. He, along with Rachel and Clarisse, will battle the human shaped simulacrums that their real enemy uses.

Survival isn’t just winning this battle, it’s finding others like them to help, and winning the war.

Reality is not what you think.

“AURA” is a fast-paced novel that is sure to leave you haunted with its mind-bending implications.” – 5 stars, Chesmok

“In the same style as Frank Peretti, KM Aul weaves a story that is almost impossible, but somehow is all too real. Thoughtful, intense, fast-paced, and thought-provoking, the story will leave readers clamoring for the next novel in the series.” – 5 stars, Funnybean



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