Armageddon Unleashed (Universe in Flames Book 7)

Written by Christian Kallias
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The desperate battle to reclaim Earth has begun.
With Gaia 2’s threat looming over Earth, Captain Chase Athanatos embarks on a perilous mission to take down the evil Artificial Intelligence once and for all.

The biggest battle and challenge Chase has ever faced awaits him; one where his strength of character and spirit will be tested at every turn. Can Chase best Gaia 2 on her own turf? Or has the Earth Alliance bitten off more than they can chew?

Meanwhile, Oryn plans to take control of the Furies with some new technology she’s been developing. When the time comes for Fury trial, she doesn’t hesitate to use her own brother Miseo to test its efficiency.

The battle to regain Earth has begun. The stakes have never been higher, as are the dangers and consequences should our heroes fail their daring mission.
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