Arabian Vengeance: A Pat Walsh Thriller

Written by James Lawrence

“Lawrence’s action-packed tale highlights a smashing hero/villain coupling.  A brisk, often entertaining story with a tough protagonist.” – Kirkus Reviews

Pat Walsh is an arms dealer with links to the CIA. When a jihadi bomb explodes in a crowded Brussels square, the former special operator suddenly finds himself the target of a global manhunt.

On the run, hunted by his own government, Pat battles an unknown enemy in his race to learn the truth behind the bombing. In this edge of your seat thriller, Pat’s quest for the truth creates endless suspense.

Unravelling the mystery takes Pat into the heart of the conflict in the Middle East and pits him against an unlikely alliance of villains. Pat discovers a conspiracy that reaches into the highest levels of the US Government. The conspirators will stop at nothing to prevent Pat from discovering the truth. Can he survive?

This political thriller takes the reader on an action-packed adventure spanning three continents. The likable hero battles an eclectic cabal of colorful conspirators through a myriad of plot twists.

If you are a fan of Rapp, Reacher or Horvath, you will enjoy this latest Pat Walsh adventure.



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