An Unconventional Innocent: Hot Historical Romance with Heart (Desperate and Daring Book 5)

Written by Ella J. Quince

Miss Dorothea Manton is standing on a metaphorical crossroad. One takes her to Major Henry Felton, a man she hardly knows, but feels strongly for. Deciphering these feelings terrify her, but she can’t ignore them or the way she wants to indulge them, and her newly discovered desires.

The other leads to a man that is safe and familiar. What she feels for Lord Jonathan Rigsby, her best friends affable and handsome brother, is comfortable and affectionate, but not romantic. He is determined to convince her otherwise. He’s known to be a rake, but she’s always been safe from his tricks…until now.

They both want to save her, but Thea wants to save herself. Should she choose the safer course or follow her heart into the unknown?
Ella J. Quince has been in love with romance since she was a little girl. She spent her high school years and the years of her husband’s deployments escaping into the novels of her favorite bestselling authors: Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Mary Balogh, Lisa Kleypas, and Julie Anne Long. She strives to reach their level of success and stand beside them in achievement.

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