An Italian Adventure: It will all make (less) sense when you grow up (The Italian Saga Book 1)

Written by Gaia B Amman
Category: · Children’s Books

1980s, Northern Italy, Arese, a small town in a patchwork of fields.

Leda won’t wear a stinking dress for her First Communion—not like Jesus cares, right?

But Nico does—the Sicilian bully with his stupid dirty mag…

Now Mom wants to kill her, Leda’s buddies are acting weird (because Nico is right—she is after all a girl) and she has to confess to a Catholic priest that she, Leda Balni, a bookworm of ten, has a dirty magazine on her conscience. How?

The only certain thing… Nico will pay.

So begins the most unlikely of friendships and an incredible, moving adventure into the heart of 80s Italy. Family drama, friendship, religion, and superstition—this book will show you the true Italy you’ve never imagined.

Pre-teens and adults alike will laugh and cry with this memoir based on the life of Italian author and scientist GB Amman, set against the gorgeous backdrop of the serene countryside, the Alps, and the enchanting Island of Sardinia.

Perfect for lovers of The Little Prince, Stranger Things, and The Goonies.

If you are looking for an addictive, amusing read with much to teach—this is it.

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