Almost An Angel (novella) (The Daddy School Book 6)

Written by Judith Arnold

A new Daddy School novella!

A year ago, Conor Malone’s wife died in an accident. Conor and his daughter Amy were too grief-stricken to celebrate Christmas that year. But they’ve healed, and this year he wants to restore the joy of the season for his little girl. The only problem is, Amy is convinced that if she’s a good girl, Santa will bring her the one gift she wants: her mother, alive and well once more. Amy’s old enough to know better, but Christmas is all about magic and believing.

Child psychologist Eliza Powell knows a thing or two about grief. She, too, has lost her mother, and she’s suffered a betrayal that compels her to move to Arlington, Connecticut, where she takes a job in Amy’s school. She can help Amy to understand the difference between dreams and reality—but can she be the Christmas angel both Conor and Amy need in their lives?

And can Conor heal Eliza? With a little help from the Daddy School, can he bring the joy of the season to a lovely, heartbroken woman?



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