Agile Project Management: Scrum Master: 21 Tips to Facilitate and Coach Agile Scrum Teams (scrum master, scrum, agile development, agile software development)

Written by Paul VII
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Scrum Master – Your Job Just Got Easier

In this class, you will be given many proven tips to effectively facilitate, coach and improve agile scrum teams.
The road to becoming a professional scrum master is exciting and challenging. Therefore, I know you will get value from this class as it gives you a full introduction to the concept of the scrum master. I then walk you step by step through the differences between a scrum master and a traditional project manager. Following this, I will give you tips for improving your effectiveness as a scrum master as well as coaching both product owners and development teams. Along the way, I will give you plenty of examples and enlighten you about the best practices for being a scrum master within agile scrum. In this class, you will learn:

A brief recap of agile and scrum principles
What is a scrum master and how is he or she different from a traditional project manager
A day in the life of a scrum master (including typical impediments and challenges)
Tools usually used by scrum teams and how the scrum master can help product owners and teams to use them
Key principles to use when carrying out the role of the scrum master
How to help your product owner to improve
How to help your development team to improve
Concise techniques for improving your self-effectiveness.

Table of Contents

Scrum Master

21 Tips to Facilitate and Coach Agile Scrum Teams


About Scrum

Section 1: Understanding the Scrum Theory

The Three Agile Scrum Concepts

Section 2: The Scrum Skeleton, Tools, Scrum Master Roles, and Scrum Master Improvement Techniques

Scrum Master Vs A Traditional Project Manager: An In-depth Task Comparison

A Day in the Life of a Scrum Master: Typical Impediments and Challenges

Scrum Tools

Scrum Master Roles: Key Principles to Bear in Mind

Scrum Master Roles: How to Improve Product Owner Efficiency

Scrum Master Roles: How to Improve the Development Team

Mastering Scrum: Scrum Master Tips and Tricks

Section 3: 21 Tips for Scrum Mastery

Tip 1: Be Knowledgeable and Responsible In Your Role

Tip 2: Foster a Fun Working Environment for Your Team

Tip 3: Implement Good Engineering Practices

Tip 5: Encourage the Team to Stick To the Plan

Tip 6: Be a Collaborator

Tip 7: Maintain Balance

Tip 8: Keep the Team Focused On the Present Sprint

Tip 9: Encourage Team Autonomy and Self-Organization

Tip 10: Familiarize Yourself with the Work of All Team Members

Tip 11: Build Strong Relationships With Other Teams

Tip 12: Tame Over-commitment within the Team

Tip 13: Note Your Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Tip 14: Respect Your Team’s Space

Tip 15: Create Cordial Relationships with the Organization Management

Tip 16: Respect Time Boxes

Tip 17: Encourage Camaraderie

Tip 18: Motivate the Team to Reach For the Stars

Tip 19: Create A Multi-Skilled Team

Tip 20: Coach teams on the Various Scrum Tools

Tip 21: Be a ‘One-Team’ Facilitator whenever possible



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