Adaptation: Empty Bodies Series Book 2 (A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Dystopian Survival)

Written by Zach Bohannon

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The second book in the Amazon best-selling post-apocalyptic zombie series, Empty Bodies

It’s been four days since hundreds of thousands fell, sending the world into a frantic tailspin. With the other survivors at his side, Will is trying to get to Knoxville, where he has reason to believe his parents are, but the changed world and its new race of rabid creatures is doing everything it can to stop him.

Meanwhile, David has found refuge in the same hospital as Jessica and Melissa, having barely made it out of the warehouse alive.

With everyone doing all they can to stay alive, the two groups are on a collision course that neither of them see coming.

Perfect for any fan of post-apocalyptic horror, dystopian science fiction, supernatural suspense, or the zombie apocalypse!

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Author Q&A:
First off, what is Empty Bodies?
Empty Bodies is a post-apocalyptic zombie series that starts right as the inciting incident has happened. It’s very fast-paced, which many readers have commented that they love. Many have even told me that they read it in one sitting. The first book focuses on three characters, written in a style similar to A Song of Fire and Ice, where each chapter tells the story of one of the characters, making it easy for the reader to follow along, even though it is jumping back and forth between characters in different parts of the country.

What separates Empty Bodies from other zombie books?
I don’t want to give anything away, but the inciting incident as to what sparked thousands of people to turn into zombies (or Empties as they are called in the books), is a different twist on zombies from anything that I’ve seen in other books or movies. Readers have found it to be very refreshing.

What inspired the story?
Other than my love for The Walking Dead and the George Romero zombie films, the idea was sparked by two employees at my day job who like to sleep in one of our company’s offices on their lunch break. We work in a 50,000 square foot industrial warehouse, and one day I just said to myself, ‘I wonder what would happen if he woke up and the rest of us had turned into zombies.’ And thus, Empty Bodies was born.

What can readers expect out of reading the Empty Bodies series?
I feel like I’ve written characters that you can either root for or hate, depending on which character we are talking about. The settings are all places I’m very familiar with, so they should feel very real. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, movies like Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, World War Z, or even books such as Slow Burn, Contamination, or Zombie Fallout, then I think you’ll really enjoy Empty Bodies.



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