Acrylic Painting: For Beginners – Master Acrylic Painting Techniques In No Time!

Written by Cecilia Dawson
Category: · Arts & Photography

Acrylic Painting (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

For Beginners – Master Acrylic Painting Techniques In No Time!

If you’ve never painted with acrylics before, don’t worry. This book was written to give you all the information you need to properly use acrylic paints, and to enjoy it!

I’ll be teaching you the best ways to select the paint and materials you need, in order to enjoy your new foray into painting. You will learn about how acrylic paints are applied, and how much faster they dry than oil paints. I’ll explain the various techniques used in acrylic painting. After you’ve dabbled in painting for a bit, you’ll probably enjoy it!

This book will also assist you in selecting and mixing acrylic colors, and show you how to shade colors in your paintings. You’ll learn all the basics, including:

  • What colors to use when mixing acrylics
  • Choosing your paint
  • Selecting brushes
  • Acrylic painting techniques

Painting with acrylics isn’t as hard as you might believe. Learn the basics and you won’t get lost in your painting. It’s worth the time you take to learn about the techniques for painting with acrylics, and I’ll give you the confidence you need to use them properly.

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