Abstract Painting, A Practical Approach

Written by Hennie Reimer
Category: · Arts & Photography

While many art how-to books offer explicit step-by-step instructions, Abstract Painting: A Practical Approach uses a less stringent strategy to teach you how to paint, which not only leaves ample room for your own creativity but also frees you to have plenty of fun with the process.
Priming the canvas with a brief philosophy of art and overview of colors and the ways they relate, author and lifelong artist Hennie Reimer then invites you on a journey of observation and experimentation. As she presents different techniques and styles that are available, she shares examples from her own work to illustrate how a certain idea paired with a particular approach may appear in its final painted form. But this is only one possibility and rather than just copy it, she encourages you to discover your unique version.
Tucked among the techniques and theories, Reimer recounts humorous anecdotes about life as a painter to keep you engaged and remind you that art is an adventure to be enjoyed.
Are you ready to sidestep formulas and search the depths of your own creativity?



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