A Simple Guide To Sketchnoting: How To Use Visual Thinking in Daily Life to Improve Communication & Problem Solving

Written by Alessio Bresciani
Category: · Business & Money

Sketchnoting and visual thinking are techniques to represent ideas graphically. However you choose to represent these ideas – by mind maps, sketches, webs, or concepts – there is plenty of evidence that visual thinking methods assist memory, the organisation of ideas, and general planning.

In the process of sketchnoting, people use a variety of visual techniques (clouds, connectors, text, icons) to visually synthesize and summarize the subject being discussed.

This guide is broken down into several sections. In section one we look at some of the benefits of visual thinking which apply to organisations and individuals. Section two looks at the specific techniques that are available in the Sketchnoter’s Toolkit. Section three reviews a few advanced techniques for sketchnoting, which provide avenues to continue your path toward mastery.

This is not a long book. It is designed for the busy leader / facilitator seeking a rapid overview of methods and principles from a someone who has developed and used these skill over the last five years.



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