A Murder in Christmas Village (Christmas Village Mysteries Book 0)

Written by T.C. Wescott

There’s been a murder at the Crestview Theater! A man has been killed inside a room that no one but the victim could have stepped foot in and behind a locked door to which none of the suspects possessed a key. Sheriff Fell believes he has the culprit, but village busybody Maribel has other ideas. Join her over a slice of homemade peach pie as she connects the dots and solves the mystery.
This short story is the first in an exciting new cozy mystery series set in quaint, Idyllic Christmas Village, where no one locks their door but ‘locked room’ mysteries and impossible murders abound. Can you follow the clues and solve the puzzle before Maribel does?

Recommended for readers of Leighann Dobbs, Dianne Harman, Lorna Barrett, Joanne Fluke, Denise Grover Swank, Madison Johns, Sally Goldenbaum, Heather Blake, Elizabeth Spann Craig



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