A monster in Malta

Written by Daniel Huntington

Amidst the turmoil of the Libyan civil war a man flees for his life across the Mediterannean sea, amongst countless thousands of refugees. A young woman, haunted by the death of her parents and bullied to the point of suicide struggles to keep going. Both become tied together but only one can escape their past.

Daniel Huntington
Daniel Huntington, born in 1982, was raised and educated in the city of Bath. Studying law and moving to London he worked in finance but retained both his interest in history and his keenness to write, publishing his first story, the romantic thriller ‘Footsteps in the snow’, in September 2016. This was quickly followed by the fast paced crime thriller ‘A monster in Malta’, the following month. He is currently working on ‘A greater cause’, the first of the Christopher Malone crime series, due for release in December 2017.



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