A Cookbook For Katie: Upon the Occasion of Her Marriage Recipes and Reveries for the Bride

Written by Daphne Simpkins

Part memoir and love letter, too, A Cookbook for Katie offers simple recipes and practical advice to a young bride about to walk down the aisle and into her own future of homemaking. Cooking tips and recipes are framed by family-themed essays that capture the flavor, heart and humor of home life. While written specifically for the writer’s niece in response to the bride’s request for a collection of family recipes when she was about to marry, this unusual memoir-cookbook could help any new bride who may need to answer the question, “What’s for supper?” with good spirits, a hot meal and a pan of perfectly baked cornbread. Highly readable and wryly wise, A Cookbook for Katie, Recipes and Reveries for the Bride, is a celebration of love and food, with recipes not only for simple suppers and holiday meals but also for living lovingly after you say, “I do.”



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