50 Delicious Stuffed Pasta Recipes: Make your own Homemade Pasta with these Ravioli Recipes, Tortellini Recipes, Cannelloni Recipes, and Agnolotti Recipes (Recipe Top 50’s Book 101)

Written by Julie Hatfield

Pasta lovers all over the world rejoice! This cookbook is here to bring to you, the best that pasta has got to offer, Stuffed Pasta! Tiny packages of pasta filled with all kinds of deliciousness exploding with flavor as you bite into them. Who wouldn’t want to make these at home with freshly made pasta when it’s oh so simple!

The best thing about making homemade stuffed pastas (like ravioli, tortellini, etc.) is that you can fill them with almost anything that goes well with pasta. Things like, meats, fish, cheese, sauce, vegetables and whatever you can think of. Stuffed pasta makes for a fantastic dinner. If you have kids ask them to help you make it, they’ll love it, you can make all kinds of shapes! Don’t let the traditional shapes hold you back! Plus you can always make a big batch and freeze the rest so you can enjoy your favorite homemade meal anytime you crave stuffed pasta.

In this cookbook you’ll find 50 different recipes for homemade stuffed pasta with easy step by step directions and divided into two categories for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pasta cookers. It covers various kinds of stuffed pasta including ravioli, tortellini, cannelloni, and agnolotti.

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