50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Volume 2 (True Crime Collection)

Written by Robert Keller

At any given time there are between 30 and 50 serial killers roaming the streets of America. These are their stories.

50 shocking true crime cases, including;

Sean Vincent Gillis: A depraved psychopath who used his victims’ body parts as sex toys.

Thomas Piper: Outwardly respectable clergyman who had a deadly obsession with little girls.

Louise Peete: Sex-crazed femme fatale who committed three murders and also drove four of her husbands to suicide.

Thor Nis Christiansen: Californian serial killer who killed four young women in order to have sex with their corpses.

Roger Kibbe: The ruthless I-5 Strangler murdered at least 8 stranded female motorists along California’s freeways.

Orville Lee Majors: Angel of Death who waged a deadly campaign against his elderly patients. Believed to be responsible for over 100 murders.

Robert Shulman: This Long Island prostitute slayer bludgeoned his victims before hacking them to pieces.

Tillie Klimek: “Psychic” who predicted her victims’ deaths, right before she poisoned them.

Jarvis Catoe: D.C. serial killer whose murder spree prompted a Congressional hearing, and changes to the Washington Police Department.

Mack Ray Edwards: This serial killer found a unique way of getting rid of his victims – he buried them under the freeways he was building.




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