365 Days of DIY Hacks – Home, Parenting, Pets, Gifts, Budged

Written by Jamie Stewart
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365 Days of DIY Hacks – Home, Parenting, Pets, Gifts, Budged

After a busy, chaotic day, there is nothing better than coming back home and relax in a personal soothing refuge. If you have a vision of a perfect home in your head and you strive for happiness in your stress-free oasis, this book can help you to accomplish your goals. If you have a lack of ideas and you are not crafty, this book will inspire you to add value to your home. The book offers plenty of practical DIY hacks and how-to solutions for more productive and pleasurable life.
You will be able to enhance your home décor, refresh your rooms, get rid of the surplus and organize your household items with these great DIY hacks. The projects are very attractive and you will want to materialize many of them. However, just make sure not to overfill your home with a lot of things. Balance is the key to a happy home!
“Home is where the heart is.” – Pliny the Elder.
This book consists of 365 DIY hacks that everyone can do. Of course, every DIY project is not for everyone. DIY project ought to make your life easier and improve your personal environment. Choose only those projects and hacks that seem right for you and listen to your heart. Do not be discouraged by mistakes, they are an integral part of any success. Just keep practicing and love what you do. You can create your dream home by doing something small every day that keep you inspired. Make your personalized gifts, decorate your room with household items you already have, make a comfy space and positive atmosphere for you, your family and guests.
365 do-it-yourself household hacks included in this book contain easy to follow instructions and bring you the possibility to maximize your lifestyle.



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