35 Chicken Soup Recipes: Cozy Chicken Soups And Stews For Your Soul On A Cold Night

Written by Jean Pardue

35 Chicken Soup Recipes: Cozy Chicken Soups And Stews For Your Soul On A Cold Night

Chicken Soup for Your Soul — And Your Tummy!
“This book over delivers on the quality of directions for making soups” – Candice P.
Would you like to discover how to save time and prepare delicious chicken soup for your family tonight?
Time To Cook For Your Family – Don’t Just Fix Sandwiches!
As a busy Mom, you simple don’t have the time out of your busy schedule to search the Internet for that perfect healthy meal, right? Well, this chicken recipe book solves the problem by giving you 35 soups and stews all in one quick & easy cookbook!
Can It Be That Easy?
Yes, it can! All you have to do is ..
– browse through the table of contents
– click on an interesting recipe
– look at the ingredients
– turn on your stove
– follow the cooking instructions
and you’ve got a nutritious and healthy hot meal to enjoy.
Especially for cold days of winter but summer soups are great too! So, isn’t it always good to know that you have a variety of fast and healthy recipes that will make planning your family’s meal so easy?
I thought I would help you out by compiling this cook book loaded with tasty soups.
These pages include 35 chicken soup recipes with a variety that will inspire you to create a good, hearty meal every day of the month for you and your family to savor.
Here is just a sample of the soup recipes you’ll find . . .
– Chicken Soup with Avocado and Lime
– Zesty Parmesan Soup
– Chicken Vegetable Soup with Bananas
– Classic Chicken Noodle Soup
– Mouth-Watering Soup and Dumplings
… And so much more!
Choose one these delicious chicken soup recipes and prepare a meal your family will love.
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