3 Chord Songs Book 3: Play 10 Songs on Guitar with 3 Chords – Includes Strum Patterns (3 Chords Songs)

Written by Eugene Batterson
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3 Chord Songs

Now you can play 10 of the most popular songs ever on guitar with just 3 chords!

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Play 10 more popular songs on guitar with just three simple chords. And don’t worry! You’ll learn all of the chords you need for playing these ten songs as well.

You’ll be glad you chose “3 Chord Songs” Book 3, a book containing instruction on playing the necessary guitar chords for the included 10 songs. In this book, you’ll learn how to play all of the needed chords as well as how to play all 10 songs on guitar including all of the song lyrics for singing along while you play.

Lets check out some of the chords you’ll learn in this book! You’ll learn the A Chord, C Chord, D Chord, D7 Chord, E Chord, E7 Chord, EM Chord, the G Chord and the G7 Chord by access of our extensive online chord chart library. With all of the mentioned chords above, you’ll easily be able to play the ten songs included in this volume. Below are the songs you’ll learn.

Song Legend

1. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Down on the Corner
2. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Midnight Special
3. Dr. Hook – Cover of the Rolling Stone
4. Jimmy Buffet – Margaritaville
5. Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
6. Kenny Rogers – The Gambler
7. Manfred Man – Do Wah Ditty
8. Richie Valens – Donna
9. Roger Miller – King of the Road
10. Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers

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