21 Steps to Designing your Meal Plan

Written by Nicolas Morin

The best diet is the one you create yourself

My book is hassle-free and simple to understand. It’s also backed by scientific studies to help you reach your nutritional objectives, whatever they are.

Every year, there’s a new and miraculous way of losing weight.

While they sometimes work, studies have shown that 97% of those who take them gain their weight back once they’re off it.


Because there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. You have to tackle the root of the problem and take back control of what and how you eat.

My book will empower you. In 21 steps, you’ll learn all you need to design a meal plan that fits your needs.

I’ll teach you doable solutions that fit your lifestyle and your mindset, not another crash diet.

I’ll explain:

  • What the macro-nutrients are
  • How to tweak diets
  • How to plan your calorie intake
  • How to be flexible and still see results
  • How supplements work to boost performance and reach your goals faster
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