21 Months, 24 Days: A blue-collar kid’s journey to the Vietnam War and back

Written by Richard Udden
Category: · History

Why is this memoir worth reading? Because 21 Months, 24 Days is a powerful story of a blue-collar kid who, threatened by the draft in the late sixties, ended up an Army grunt in the infantry, endured a grueling war in Vietnam, and returned to a country too angry to care. Though choices he made had led to adversity, he kept his sanity intact through it all by reacting positively and moving forward.

The author delivers his story in a comfortable, friendly style. It conveys to the reader the experiences of basic training, advanced infantry training, and what it was like to live, work, guard, patrol, and fight in the jungle. Feel the adrenalin rush of a firefight, the thrill of a wild ride dangling below a helicopter, and smile as he describes what happened on his 21st birthday.

Through words and his pictures, you will serendipitously live through the author’s journey as he experienced it.



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