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5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Book Blog Beautiful

Blog layout and design is just as important as writing in the blog world. It’s like in the world of books; an author may have written a great book but if the cover isn’t eye-catchy, a lot of readers would just give it a pass. A book doesn’t become a best-seller just because of it’s content, it’s cover, font, paper and other attributes play an important role in helping it climb up the lists. Blogs are no different.

But how do you get yourself an awesome blog theme, layout and design? To answer this question we went through over 50 top book blogs and here’s what we found out… (more…)

All New Freado for Bloggers and Book Reviewers


A week or so ago, Freado went through a makeover and we like what we see, do you?

We’ve spent the last few months in analysis and research with the intent to make Freado better and easier for book reviewers and book bloggers to find books they will enjoy reading. We spent a lot of time talking to readers and reviewers to understand their needs before starting our efforts on a redesign. We then got in touch with them again to test our redesign and then made a series of tweaks. Finally we did another round of tests at BEA which Vikram attended last month.

We focused hard on making it easy for first time visitors to understand what the site is all about. And the extensive user testing has improved the aesthetics of the site and given rise to an easy to navigate interface.

Here’s a walk through of the new look and interface. Do tell us what you think in comments. We’d love to hear your feedback.


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