A Tide of Shadows

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"Tom Bielawski is a bright light in today's dark sea of new writers. His writing gives me hope for the next generation of dreamers. I highly recommend both him and his works." - NYT Bestselling author, Tracy Hickman.

Carym of Hyrum is a respected village hero. That is until he is wrongly accused of rebellion and murder. Saved from execution at the hands of the authorities by the very band of rebels he despises, Carym must risk everything to repay the criminals for his freedom by undertaking a dangerous quest for a vial of water from the mythical Everpool.

Meanwhile, a dark wizard in league with the evil god, Umber, leads an army bent on the conquest of the entire Northern Continent. He, too, seeks the Everpool, but for far more sinister purposes and his powerful minions hunt Carym at every turn.

A shake up is occurring in the heavens as the offspring of the Father God war with each other and with Him for dominance over the peoples of Llars.


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