Ever Essence

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Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers
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Ever wanted to live forever? Ever Essence takes you to a place where scientists have mastered life extension technology. The human essence of memory is captured - that inherent part lives on and on. Enter an action packed, fast paced sci-fi adventure - you won't know where you're heading till the finish.


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1 Freado Review
Emily S
, Thrill Ride!, 20 Aug,2014 at 10:49 AM EST, Reviewed By Emily S
Wow! What a thrill ride!
Ever Essence is a completely engrossing adventure the whole way through! The world Curran’s has created gives an entirely new view on society wanting to be younger (with an exciting twist at the end!).
I’m sure the sequel will be just as great! :)
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Emily S 20,005 2011-12-20
   Theresa McClorey 20,001 2011-12-17

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