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5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Book Blog Beautiful

Blog layout and design is just as important as writing in the blog world. It’s like in the world of books; an author may have written a great book but if the cover isn’t eye-catchy, a lot of readers would just give it a pass. A book doesn’t become a best-seller just because of it’s content, it’s cover, font, paper and other attributes play an important role in helping it climb up the lists. Blogs are no different.

But how do you get yourself an awesome blog theme, layout and design? To answer this question we went through over 50 top book blogs and here’s what we found out…

If you have a self-hosted wordpress blog you have two options, you can either use a free theme and customize it for yourself or you can hire a professional to do up your blog for you. Free sounds great but to do this you need to have some knowledge of coding and a lot of time on hand to learn and tweak. If you’d rather do it quick, it’s time to go to the Pro’s who will understand your requirements and help you bring your dream design to life.

Here’s are 5 ways to make your book blog beautiful.


Free Themes via WordPress
Wordpress offers a range of free themes that you can customize for yourself with a little time and effort. You can go through the Free WordPress Themes directory to shortlist and select the theme that suits you best before you install it and tweak it to what you want.

Check out Nikki’s blog There Were Books Involved based on the free Superhero theme by Automattic.
There were books involved


Also drop by Sheila’s Book Journey blog to see what she has done with the Mystique theme by digitalnature.
Book Journey


Free Themes from Custom Designers
Free themes aren’t just available on WordPress, there are some designers and theme creators who offer a range of free themes along with paid ones on their site, you just have to look around until you find the one for you. Here’s one to get you started…

Freebie Templates with book bloggers in mind by Imagination designs
Imagination designs



Customizable Pre-made Themes
And then there are the paid themes that can make all the difference sometimes. When you pay for a theme not only do you get the theme, most often the theme designer will also offer you some help and support to set it up. Most of these themes are so customizable that no two blogs will look alike even if they have the same theme.

The Tweak Me theme by Creative Whim is a popular theme in book blogger circles.
Tweak Me

Here’s are some blogs that use it (it’s the same theme but every blog looks different) –
Istyria Book Blog
Because Reading is better than real life
The Bawdy Book Blog
Reading With ABC
Pandora’s Books


Personalized Exclusive Pre-mades
If you want a theme that is all yours, one that no one else in the world can have, this might be for you. There are a lot of designers out there who make unique pre-made themes, so you can select what you want and know that once you bought it, it won’t be sold to anyone else. If this is what you want, here are a few designers to start you off…
Unique WordPress Themes at Creative Whim
Creative Whim


WordPress Designs at Pure Imagination
Pure Imagination


Pre-Made Covers & Blogger Templates at Parajunkee Design


Complete Custom Design
But what if you have a design in mind, you know just what you want your blog to look like and no pre-made will cut it? Then custom design is the way to go for you. And there are a lot of designers online. You have already seen the work of designers like Ashley at Creative Whim, Lori at Pure Imagination and Rachel at Parajunkee who also do custom designs. Here are a couple more you can check out…

Moxie Design Studios


Blogovation Design


Paper Wings Design Studio
Paper Wings


Did any of these themes and designers appeal to you? How did you design your blog? Do you have any recommendations for bloggers just starting out? Do leave us a note in comments.