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5 Reasons Why You Need The Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin

As all book reviewers know, formatting a book review for your blog takes longer than writing the review itself. Most often, it’s the reason for procrastinating or not getting reviews done on time.

But what if this could be made easy? A system that would do it all for you without you having to worry about HTML tags and such? You just need to write; you get to focus on what you love doing best – writing/reviewing.

This is where The Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin comes in. The plugin is packed with all the good stuff that makes review formatting a breeze. Let’s take a look at why you should get the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin.


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Easy Display:
Formatting all the book information like title, author, publisher, rating, etc. is made easy. You just have to enter all the data and the plugin will do all the HTML bits for you; and voila! it all shows up neat and clean in your review post. You can also use your own rating graphics once you set it up.

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Indexing seven ways:
Review indexes update automatically and are of seven types –
– sorted by book title
– sorted by author’s last name
– sorted by book series
– sorted by posting date/year
– sorted by star rating
– sorted by genre
– sorted by book publisher

What more could you ask for? 🙂
Giveaways and spoilers:
The plugin automatically displays your current giveaways and even moves them to a ‘past giveaways’ section when they end. There is also a spoiler alert which hides spoilers until a reader clicks on the ‘Show Spoiler’ option. If the reader is using an RSS feed or email, the spoiler gets completely removed. No accidently spills here.

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Strong Support:
We looked and asked around, to see what people who used the plugin thought of it. As expected we got good feedback but what stood out was support. Ashley offers full support when you buy th plugin. If you run in to trouble of any kind, just drop her an email and she’ll fix it for you.
Regular Updates/Add-Ons:
Ashley updates the plugin and releases Add-Ons at intervals. This means the plugin only gets better and better. The latest Add-On to the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin – Review to Goodreads pushes your review to Goodreads. It sounds simple but it does more than just pushing. It lets you choose when to push, either immediately or the day when the review is published. It also adds a little note before or after you review linking it back to your original blog post.

We’ve listed just a few things that wowed us, but the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin does much more and is worth every dollar you spend on it. Do you use the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin? What do you think of it?

What other plugins do you use? What would you recommend?