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5 Organizers to Organize Your Book Blog

Ask successful book bloggers and they will tell you that one of the key ingredients of a successful blog is consistency. Consistency doesn’t mean posting everyday but it does mean setting a schedule and sticking by it. Doing this though isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Life as we know it has a way of throwing a curved ball when you least expect it. And the unexpected can throw you off the path quite easily but being organized helps you wade through these crazy times. This is where an organizer for your blog comes in handy.

An organizer helps you as a blogger to keep your thoughts together, document ideas, plan your posts, track your progress, make to-do lists, meet deadlines, and much more. An organizer can and does so many things that just thinking of it overwhelms. So, how do you choose the right organizer for you from so many out there? How can you be sure your organizer will do all you need it to?

With these questions in mind we went out looking for the perfect blog organizer. What we found was that no organizer is perfect for everyone. Just as we are unique so are our requirements of a planner/organizer. But what we did find is a lot of options out there, a wide variety of types, DIY ideas and ready to use planners.

Without further ado, lets look at some really cool options we found…


Parajunkee’s Organizer for Book Bloggers

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Rachel at Parajunkee has designed a colorful half-year organizer just for book bloggers with pages/sections for Monthly Books Read, Review Cheat Sheet, Contact Tracker, Daily Blogger Checklist, Giveaway Tracker, Reading Log, etc. Created by a book blogger, Rachel’s Book Blogging Organizer caters to almost everything a book blogger would want in an organizer. In all the organizers we looked at, this was the only one specifically for book bloggers.


Samantha’s simple blog organizer

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Samantha on her blog Simply Organized walks you though her fun and easy way of organizing her blogging with Martha Stewart’s discbound customizable notebook. She shares some great ideas and tips that you can use along with details on what sections she uses and why to make your own blog organizer.


How to make your own Planner by iHanna

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This is a pretty cool tutorial on creating your own planner. iHanna lists her requirements and needs and how it affects the making of the organizer, so you can plan and design your planner better based on what you want. This is an old post from iHanna but her tips and tricks to make your planner something you look forward still hold strong.


Laura’s Blog Organizer to Get you Organized

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This is a simple 5 section blog organizer with no frills but yet it does the job. Laura explains how she made it and how she uses it to keep her blog organized and thriving with tips and links to download free templates.


Daily Blog Planner by Jen

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If you are looking for something simple to keep your thoughts together and help you plan better, Jen’s method might be just right for you. Looking for that one place for all her thoughts and ideas, Jen takes you through her process of creating simple pages that hold all she needs with little stickers and colored pens to mark the specials.

How do you organize your book blog? Do you use a blog organizer? Have a favorite or did you make your own? Tell us in comments.