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5 Free WordPress Themes to Get You Started as a Book Blogger



It’s not enough to just write well, this age is about presentation. The display and look matters and can make a big difference. This applies to books, blogs and book blogs too. 🙂

Your WordPress blog’s theme is part of the presentation package of your blog. The theme is the basic framework of how your blog will be laid out, the colours it will have, the fonts, and such. It’s reflects your personality and says something about you.

A good theme is tuned for your subject and enhances your writing. But finding the right theme for you isn’t always straight forward. So, to start you off here are 5 excellent themes that work great for book bloggers. And they are free too!

Book Rev Lite By codeinwp


“Book Rev Lite is a free book review WordPress Theme. The responsive, clean and modern design includes tools for presenting your books/products in a beautiful way, you can easily add adsense ads, google fonts, custom colors, slider support. Works great for product review and amazon affiliate sites.”

Downloads Until Date: 10,643
Last updated: May 10, 2015
Download Here



HarmonUX Core By netbiel

screenshot (1)

“HarmonUX Core was design according to the idea of modern blog with SEO and UX optimization. Clean design provide a harmony experience, all easily tuned to fit Your content perfectly. Powerful Theme Customizer allows you to change many aspects in theme to adapt it to Your needs. Upload logo, change colors, modify all settings and see the preview in real-time before you save.”

Downloads Until Date: 25,313
Last updated: March 16, 2015
Download Here



Camp By bestwebsoft

screenshot (4)

“Camp – a theme that is exquisite like a rare old book, and easy to use like scissors. With this theme, your posts will receive a trace of antique wisdom – a captivating feature your readers are going to love!”

Downloads Until Date: 9,200
Last updated: April 25, 2015
Download Here



aReview By athemes

screenshot (2)

“aReview is the optimal theme for your next review site. It works great either for affiliate marketing reviews or for movies or games. aReview comes with custom widgets, full colors control, 100% responsive design, great looking icons, Google fonts, logo upload, favicon upload and much more interesting things.”

Downloads Until Date: 20,475
Last updated: August 28, 2014
Download Here



Daisy Blue By Aamer Shahzad

screenshot (3)

“DaisyBlue is upto date, Responsive, simple and clean WordPress Theme, built using Bootstrap 3.x & updated upto date with bootstrap. DaisyBlue being responsinve is optimized for all devices like iPhone, Tablet, macbook, desktop & all other wide and small devices. Theme supports for custom header, custom background, breadcrumbs and has built in social sharing widget & Recent Posts With thumbnails widget.”

Downloads Until Date: 10,702
Last updated: November 7, 2014
Download Here


There are thousands of other themes out there – some free and some paid. These are just 5 of them to get you started as a book blogger.

Which of these did you like the most? What theme do you use? Is it what you would recommend?


Credits and Source – kpgolfproBook Rev Lite, HarmonUX Core, Camp, aReview, Daisy Blue